Somali Momma

  1. Being a somali girl is one of the experiences that will always leave you wondering what the hell went wrong with you. We see somalis everyday and the one thing that comes to mind is their funny swahili with somali accents which i have to admit is really hilarious.In your daily life you will always hear a somali man shouting to a nonsomali  “Bita(Peter)kwanini wwe anatumia akhli(akili)kama sogos(socks).
  2. If you think that seeing a hairless purple cat is the scariest thing that ever walked on earth, you are so far from the truth.You always see these kids from abroad and in movies how they bring home a friend, a project partner or a study buddy of the opposite sex and their parents ask”sweetie whose this? Ohh this is my friend from school we are doing a project together”.
  •  And the parent or guardian  won’t even mind. Try coming home to a somali parent especially the mom and say that to her. “Hooyo(Mom)This my project partner we are doing something from school together”My dear innocent people thats the moment you know that a volcano does not exists on land only.The lecture that your going to receive you would think she was practising  for ages and was waiting for the right moment to snap.But it also comes with abit of advantage being a somali girl. Seems like i’ll have to tell you that another time